News - Study on the Practice of Posting Workers from Serbia Abroad


The Center for Social Policy has drafted a study on the practice of posting workers from the Republic of Serbia abroad. The study covers a review of the harmonisation of regulations in the Republic of Serbia with European legislation, the practice of posting workers, including challenges in the implementation of legislation, as well as conclusions and recommendations for improving policies related to posting workers abroad.

The study was implemented as part of the POW-Bridge project (Bridging the gap between legislation and practice in the posting of workers). The main goals of the project are to study gaps between procedures (legal basis) and practices (experiences) in the rules governing the posting of workers, and to develop and share effective solutions for posting companies and agencies tasked with enforcing posting legislation. Therefore, a particular focus is on the possible challenges resulting from interactions between the revised posting Directive passed in 2018 and other EU and national legislation.

The project is being implemented in 8 countries across Europe (Austria, Slovenia, Italy, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Serbia and North Macedonia). The project is governed by the European Centre for Social Welfare Policy and Research from Vienna, while activities in Serbia are run by the Center for Social Policy. The project is financed by the EU as part of the EaSI programme.

The contents of the study in the English language are available here, while the summary of the study, with conclusions and recommendations in the Serbian language is available at this link.